Smart Meeting Minutes

The idea is simple: type everything (notes and agreed action items) during the meetings on desktop in Salesforce, share the information at the end of the meeting with all parties as a PDF or DOC and move on.

Smart Meeting Minutes created by Attention CRM Consulting is a compact sales effectiveness app for sales people who can take notes and record internal and client tasks on one screen within Salesforce during meetings or calls.

With Smart Meeting Minutes, sales people can share notes with participants and other parties as a .pdf document or word document after the meetings. The related tasks are auto created and the minutes are available for colleagues attached to the related Salesforce records. As an extra feature, Smart Meeting Minutes templates are also available.


  • Record and Share on The Spot
  • Decrease Admin Time
  • Impress Clients
  • Ensure Key Topics are Covered
  • Introduce New Templates Easily
  • Follow Action Items
  • Build a Text Meeting Discussion Database


  • One Screen
  • Seamlessly Built Into Salesforce
  • Take Notes
  • Record Action Items
  • Share as Document (PDF, DOC)
  • Easy Template Creation
  • Salesforce Tasks are Auto Created
  • Minutes Stored in Salesforce
  • Minutes Shown on Event /Account / Lead / Contact / Opportunity
  • Track Task Status
  • Searchable Database of Minutes
  • Name, Place, Parties Auto Populated
  • Versions

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