Adobe Marketing Cloud

Digital Marketing Hub for every need.

We became an Adobe partner, because Adobe is the global leader in B2C marketing automation, namely in the Digital Marketing Hub software area. The Adobe solution portfolio includes all the elements available to automate the digital marketing process, including data management, content management, multi channel campaign automation, web analytics. It is suitable mainly for large enterprises, who wants digital marketing run in its own systems and not rely on agencies only.

The Adobe digital marketing portfolio contains the following:


Advertising Cloud for digital advertising:

  • Manage all the digital paid advertisement of your company

Marketing Cloud:

  • Change the layout of your company’s website based on customer profile and behavior
  • Inbound and outbound campaigns on any digital channel

Analytics Cloud:

  • Real Time web and mobile analytics
  • Enhance Segmentation with advanced analytic features

Data management platform:

  • Collect and use 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data for segmentation and advertising